Month: October 2014

Jars of Joy

Over the past few months my various communities have been drifting away, leaving me feeling a bit like an untethers balloon. After calling Bondi home for more than a decade, the move over the bridge to Manly felt quite significant. In Manly I started feeling a lack of friends down the hall, on my doorstep and the familiarity of having the shopkeeper greet me enthusiastically as Winnie! (WI + MPLS). Not to mention the barista knowing my rather unusual coffee order and the early morning beach runners all offering friendly good mornings and quips about the ocean temps and blue bottles. On the work front I’ve been leaving my job so perhaps without conscious intention, I’ve been creating a bit of distance from my professional colleagues as well. And to add insult to injury – literally – I’ve acquired torn shoulder tendons so I haven’t been able to practice yoga properly for almost three months. My key communities were indeed missing in action and to be honest, I was throwing an ity bity pity party for myself in advance of my birthday. Instead of pondering on the distance between me and my amazing group of various friends and supporters, I thought of a way to draw them close. Inviting 50 or so folks from around the globe to participate, the Joy Jar began. Each person received an invitation to answer 3 questions and mail their answers back to me:

My Favorite Joy button is  __________________________________ 

Joy multiples when ______________________________________   

I spread Joy by  ______________________________________ 

As the brightly colored strips found their way back me, the jar filled to overflowing with fantastic notions of levity and happiness. Throughout the year ahead, my intention is to draw out one slip each day, reflect on that unique aspect of Joy and then reveal the author on the back as someone to draw close for the next 24 hours. Disconnected from my favorite people? Wallowing in self-pity? Nope, the pull of JOY is simply too strong.