Month: February 2015

do what you want!

Here’s a stunning story of real freedom, peace, reinvention and divinity. Check it out knowing that it will both inspire and challenge you to ‘do what you want!’

Dive in and join me and SlowMo for lateral acceleration via personal delusion. It sounds like a near perfect fast track to JOY.


I noticed today while running on the sand that at some level I was continuously evaluating the different tracks and paths that unfolded. My internal dialogue included:

“Should I move over to that one? That one looks quite firm and maybe offers better footing. Hmm, that one looks good over there by the shore. Oh, look at that one – its fresh and no one has been on it yet!”

While it was entertaining to observe my crazy monkey mind at work, it also made me think about our daily choices and how often we adjust and reevaluate our decisions. This tendency has the power to turn a dangerous corner – one of second guessing ourselves or assuming the ‘sand is always softer’ across the way. And, once we make a choice, do we have the gumption to stick to our path? While running with the divine Mr Richard, by contrast to me, he seems to pick his route on the sand and stay the course. He even takes pleasure in retracing his own footsteps on the return journey. I can see the need and benefit of both approaches – sticking to our path at times and shifting to a new track when motivation or just pure curiosity arises.

I think for me its about finding the right balance – staying open and curious to new paths but also having the strength and conviction to stay the course when the path is serving me and feeding my JOY.