fearful JOY

I think we all forget that our bodies are capable of so much! The problem seems to be that our mind often gets involved and derails our best physical efforts. Our mind so easily gets caught in a loop of doubt, protection, uncertainty, fear, and even shame. But when our bodies can overcome our mind, JOY is sure to follow.

I’ve been inspired by my friend Mary who is conquering her mental loop of limiting thoughts and diving head first into surfing. This is no easy task and I’m standing in awe of her ability to quiet the fears, dismiss the doubt and simply jump in.

Being a beginner can be daunting. I’m reminded of this as I strap on skinny little skis and point down a mountain. We have no experience to fall back on and feel ‘safe’ when we throw ourselves outside of our physical comfort zone. Instead, everything is a new and different feeling. And then there are the seemingly absurd instructions such as leaning forward (yes, over your skis and down that mountain) when you start to feel out of control – ha!

It’s all such a good analogy for living life. We can’t be shy when it comes to facing our fears and limitations. We need to lean into them and sometimes jump in over our heads. New experiences should be embraced. I reckon JOY will follow.

***photo credit Mary V

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