adventure break joy

I’m very lucky to have had three different adventure breaks from my career. The first had me stuffing my Manhattan apartment into a pricey storage locker before setting off to ‘see the world’ for a year. Spending months trekking in Ecuador, Bolivia, and South Africa; wandering through laneways in Indonesia; soaking up the endless beauty of India; seeing the Skeleton Coast and getting up close and personal with the ‘big five’ in Namibia are memories I’ll treasure for life. I grew up worshipping the Wild Kingdom and devouring National Geographic. This trip was like stepping into the pages instead of being a spectator.

The next adventure break found me in the jungles of Costa Rica taking on a month-long yoga immersion challenge. I had always wanted to go beyond the 90 minutes on offer in the studio and this was my chance to dive deep. The monkeys were an added bonus.

Cycling from Broome to Sydney unsupported was my last big adventure break. And while my knees have probably never recovered (Australia’s not flat folks) I’m incredibly grateful to have soaked up the scenery and people at such a gentle pace.

Each break allowed me to switch from the ‘always on thinking’ self to the ‘get into the physical body’ self. I think setting a physical challenge helps to inspire the mind and allowed me to drop back into my career with new energy and JOY. I also learned that ‘dropping back into a career’ was entirely possible and more often than not, I took a quantum leap forward. Oh, and I also learned that taking out a pricey storage locker in Manhattan and filling it full of stuff you don’t really need is a terrible idea.

So, are you ready to break the routine and jump into an adventure break? Go ahead . . . JOY is sure to follow.


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