Month: August 2016

the joy of further

Have you ever noticed when preparing for some sort of physical activity that your mind can either predetermine that you’re going to be super human or, conversely, that your attempt will be limited by any number of quick mental defenses?

Our minds are masters at both allowing us to achieve greatness, and introducing a staggering number of excuses regarding why we won’t be able to perform.

Recently, when going for a swim, a run, or pulling out my yoga mat, my mind can kick in with mental chatter about being a bit tired; having eaten a little too much; or maybe I should just take it easy today given my recent flu. However, as soon as the body warms up – it seems to come alive and overtake the limiting thoughts that are trying to win out. More often than not, when I feel convinced that I’ll have a short practice or run just one lap on the beach, the body magically powers through to a¬†full, longer distance.

I reckon we all have the ability to quiet the mind and tune in more fully to our body. Perhpas our brains and capacity for thought are overrated. Maybe true wisdom (and the JOY that follows) are found in the body, not the mind. What will you listen to?