Month: July 2016

joy of the unknown

At a conference recently a speaker talked about trust. She pulled apart various layers and hypotheses and landed on the notion that trust is confidence in the unknown. This sentiment really connected with me. I can vividly remember different times in my life when the unknown was simply too vast, too frightening, or too far into the future. These moments brought about anguish and more than once, an ending of sorts. Reflecting back, it’s easy to see that trust, or lack thereof, was at the heart of these situations. Trust runs through so many layers of our lives – trust in your colleagues and workplace; trust in the government and infrastructure; trust in personal relationships; trust in our bodies; and even trust in the weather!

Perhaps the opposite of trust is control. But what’s really within our control? What we expect to happen often times lands with disappointment. It’s fair to suggest that the future is never truly known, but instead full of surprises. We can’t control an outcome or even what happens in the very next moment. We can influence perhaps and certainly barter, but ultimately, we don’t get to decide.

So, can we trust the unfolding? Are we able to relish in the unknown? I know when I have, I’ve been rewarded with far more than a fleeting sense of control. And it’s more than positivity or optimism. I think a key tool in our trust arsenal is to embrace the unknown¬†with curiosity – what’s out there? What will happen today? Who might I meet? To me, this questioning spirit is the path to adventure and certainly more JOY.