Month: June 2016

the joy of perspective

I was swapping stories with a colleague who, like me, has recently started ocean swimming. I told him about a few weeks ago when I was swimming from Manly to Shelly beach and nearly midway along I started to feel my senses heighten. I realised I was approaching a landmark where I typically started seeing a group of sharks. Just as my blood started pumping with a bit more gusto, a dreamlike group of angelfish started to appear. They must have numbered in the thousands and their miniature bodies engulfed me on every side. I felt I surely must be touching them with every stroke. I experienced an immediate calm along with a sense of wonderment and protection Рalmost as if they were sent from the skies above to act as a guardian shield between me and the sharks below.

It was at this point in my storytelling that Nico’s face changed dramatically as he blurted out . . .“Julie, you were in the middle of a bait ball!!”

The laughter that followed left me choking for air as tears sprung from my eyes . . .ha!! This simple shift in perspective changed everything. My angelic friends just may have been serving me up for a tasty nibble versus sacrificing themselves as oceanic bodyguards. Fortunately, the sharks stayed below, and my naive perspective allowed JOY to ensue.