Month: August 2018

rich joy

I was chatting with one of my favorite cafe owners recently and he shared that throughout his life he’s enjoyed telling people how rich he is. He said this always takes people by surprise as his outward presence offers no clues of abundance or decadence. He remembers telling one woman as they were both walking to their cars as she continued to express unfolding unhappiness regarding her life. She walked towards the Mercedes convertible and him towards a 15-year-old VW. As she noticed him heading towards the old car she said, ‘oh, you mean you’re rich spiritually!!’ And just smiled and said ‘no’.

I happen to know he doesn’t have a large bank account. Just last year he was relying on the kindness of friends for a spare bed in their home. But when he tells these stories he lights up. He says ‘Really, Julie . . . look at 95% of the world and what they have, how they live, we are so very rich!!’ And he’s right. JOY can always be found in the right perspective.