Month: September 2015

designing Joy

In a career world of urgent, fast paced, I need it yesterday type of energy . . .I’ve found a wonderful respite with a pure design agency.

Through their design they create new languages for brands. They dive deep into a world of history, craft, care, consideration, visual exploration and connections, grids and systems, to develop their sophisticated solutions.

It’s artistic. It’s inspiring. And it simply cannot be rushed. They obsess over the detail and life seems to slow down as a result.

Immersion into this world has made me wonder . . . what bits of life am I rushing through? Do I at times settle for ‘good enough’ because it’s faster? Slowing down and being a bit more considered feels like a good place to start. After all, we don’t want to be moving so quickly that we rush by life’s little moments of JOY.