sink into joy

Sometimes we can find the soft spaces between the hard edges. I was swimming recently, which is still a very dynamic and even strenuous activity for me, and I started to feel the waves building in a rhythmic fashion. Given my somewhat anxious reliant on breath, I felt a bit of tension enter my body. But as quickly as it appeared, it vanished. Instead, I felt my body melt into each natural movement of the water. And just for a moment, I embodied the essence of seaweed – effortlessly moving in syncopation with the sea. The feeling flooded my being and there was such a natural grace and softness to the movement I suddenly realised it was very different from the struggle, push and ‘achievement’ of most everyday activities.

Why do we fight or resist this softness? How can we find greater ease in the body? Even when feeling tired our natural inclination can be to try to stay awake and DO MORE instead of surrendering to a more peaceful state of near slumber.

What struggle can you release and soften into? I reckon it just might flood you with joy.