beauty and function

I had an inspired conversation with my gorgeous teacher Keith today surrounding a speaker he enjoyed at Vivid Fest. The warm hearted aesthetic was discussing the link between form and function. The notion that things that are useful can and should also be beautiful. I love that people from Alessi to IKEA have changed our expectations of a kettle from something that heats water to an object of whimsy and grace that enjoys a spot on our bench top. The link between function and beauty feels like a positive step forward in our lives. And why should we limit this experience to our kitchenware and pillows? There is so much room to add beauty to our functional daily habits and routine. Cooking is a rich area to consider. We need to add fuel to our bodies several times a day. The ritual of shopping for fresh ingredients, preparing food with kindness and attention, and assembling a plate that allows our eyes to feast first, is a simple way to add a layer of beauty to this functional need. And what about brushing your teeth, pouring a glass a water or climbing into bed for sleep? Creatively, we can constantly add beauty to our routine. And more beauty equals more JOY in the world. So get inspired and create some beauty today.