joy face

Since moving back to the seemingly self-conscious shores of Bondi, I’ve noticed random folks engaging me in conversation. And these aren’t your run of the mill – ‘Hey, nice day today’ chats. Instead, they’ve been rather in-depth points of connection. The last one occurred just this afternoon.

After swimming some laps at Icebergs I longed for the heat of the sauna. Once I entered the tiny little room of steam it became obvious it was overcrowded and I would need to push in a bit to find a spare parcel of bench. And, the bodies that were on display were a sample of Bondi’s finest. Fit tight abs and pert bits of flesh adorned the svelte female beings while the males glistened. Oddly, once I found an inch of bench for my bottom, a young man started chatting to me. First, his questions centered on my Garmin, and then they moved to my accent, fitness routine, yadda yadda, as they say. I found it odd that this man, many many years my junior, would want to engage in dialogue with someone near exhaustion with deep set goggle marks due to complete lack of facial elastic (that’s a thing, right?)

Then it struck me. Despite my amazing partner’s short-sighted belief that I ‘rock’ a bikini, I think random people tend to speak to me in a friendly manner because I smile. I even go further. I make eye contact! Imagine that . . .I actually enjoy connecting with others and invite them in – be they strangers or dear friends. I guess I wear my JOY instead of the Bondi closed face that many folks seem to unknowingly wear.

So, what does your face say to strangers? Try injecting your’s with a bit more JOY and let the conversations flow.

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