healthy joy

During a recent two-week period, I had six separate visits to various health practitioners. My right hip and left foot teamed up to make walking painful, not to mention running, practicing yoga and turning the random cartwheel. I generally consider myself to be in good health. These injuries, MRIs and X-rays put me into a tail spin.

I’ve been reflecting on the messages of this broken down body and frankly, reading a lot since static positions work best. I’ve come across the notion that ‘health is our real wealth’. This resonates with me as I’m often dumbfounded with the amount of money people spend on crazy fashion items, miracle facial treatments, and overpriced autos. There’s an obsession for outward appearances to reflect some sort of financial stature. What if that obsession turned inward and ultimate health was a reflection of our wealth?

While movements for the last month have come to a grinding halt, I’m lucky as my injuries are already mending and they’re temporary in nature. The JOY of a healthy body is incomparable and not to be taken for granted. Watch out 2017 – my health machine is going to reach new limits!!


  1. Dear Julie, I’m sure your injuries will get better and very soon I hope. As you get older (near Richard’s age I guess) you have to take care of yourself and perhaps not do all the things you would do so stenuously. I am thinking of you, you are an important member of our family. So take care. with love, Mary


    1. Dear Julie, I love what you wrote. Till I felt the aches and pains, I didn’t really believe the health is wealth, but it is so true. I do hope you are heaps better and back to 100% well very soon. Do take care of you, as you are a very special person. Hope you can get down to the beach and enjoy gentle exercise, floating ( my idea of bliss, just floating with the little waves ) and swimming in the ocean. Hope it doesn’t slow down all your Christmas celebrations. Love and best wishes Annie


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