generous joy

I came across a definition of generosity recently that really sunk deeply into my core. The idea is that generosity is the absence of judgement. And boy are we familiar with judgement! Even on a good ‘being present and aware’ day, thousands of mini judgements race through our mind. It’s too cold, that wind is fierce, this coffee isn’t very strong, that line is so long, this lift is taking ages to arrive.  . . . it really can be relentless and stepping back, perhaps a mild form of madness.

And, of course, our moments of being a quick-witted judge all too frequently extend to virtual strangers and with habitual regularity, to ourselves as well.

What would it feel like to be absent of judgement? Perhaps a great starting point is with ourselves. Can we catch ourselves midstream of self-critical mental talk? And if we can, why not replace that moment of negativity with a kind thought instead? It sounds like an amazing and endless gift we can give ourselves. And flexing our generosity muscle is sure to make everything just a little bit more JOYful.

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