email joy

Have you noticed the number of emails we receive is on the rapid incline? It started out with work correspondence and the added bright spot of personal notes from friends and family. Added to that were reminders for your upcoming bills, acknowledgement that you’ve paid your bills and of course daily or monthly subscription feeds that you may or may not have remembered signing up for. And now things are in full tilt. Inboxes are littered with reminders from your dentist, airline,  and even a local cafe or co-op. If you decide to make an online purchase I guarantee the process will evolve to include no less than 10 separate emails. One to let you know you’re now ‘signed up’ even though you tried to avoid it. Another one asking you to verify the commitment you didn’t want to make, and then of course the receipt of purchase which inevitably follows with a promotion or survey request. And don’t look away from those incoming messages yet! Now you can track your package, know its left the docks, has entered your post code and even who signed for your package at reception. And what would stellar customer service be without a follow up email asking you to rate their service and an unending stream of sales notifications of future items you surely must want to purchase.

It got me thinking . . . there’s one rather important thing all of these electronic messages have in common. And that’s the sign off. The choices are overwhelming. Cheers seems to be the new sincerely and chat soon is a preference from strangers hoping to start a dialogue. Kind regards starts to inject some humanity and love is offered more and more.

So, what’s your sign off? Does it change depending on the audience? My current favourite in a professional setting is ‘In happiness’. After all, its a sign off, meaning it’s the last thing your reader will absorb. Why not spread a little joy and plant some positive seeds? You might just be surprised at the reaction.


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