synchronised joy

It struck me recently how our entire body works in perfect unison. We don’t need to think about the muscles, tendons and nerve endings that contract and release so we can sit, stand, walk, or even skip down the road. This seamless work of continual motion is so far off our radar we greedily take it for advantage. Until, we’re forced to take notice. And yes, this typically comes along with an injury of sorts.

Suddenly we’re acutely focused on an area of the body that is malfunctioning. We think about it, we talk about it, we Google it, and we gather reinforcement from others that our sore neck, back pain or broken foot is the ‘absolute worst’ sort of pain and ailment we can have. We become focused on our suffering and limitations of the body.

For me I can’t currently practice yoga or run – which can  both be a bit soul destroying under the right cloud. So why are we programmed to focus on our faults and limitations? Instead, perhaps we can celebrate what we can still accomplish, even in an injured state. For me, its swimming. I can still glide through the water (or at least that’s my optimistic image of my swimming) with my entrapped groin nerve. Hooray! And as soon as that wee little nerve is roaming free again, I’ll be sure to thank my body for once again moving in JOYful synchronicity. In fact, why wait? We should all be offering gratitude to our amazing little bodies and all they offer us – even if its not the same as yesterday.


  1. Hey Julie So sorry to hear you have a painful nerve! I appreciate your wise words this time in particular as shingles are still playing on mine. So crap.

    But good to be overseas on holiday ; ) I’ve been walking 20k steps to keep up with the family most days, but not getting better at that rate. Hoping the vacation gets a little more relaxing now we are in Canada for a whole 3 weeks. Just a little matter of 5 days skiing to get over next…

    Would love to catch up to say hello and soak in some more wisdom when I get back ; )

    Take care, Sam

    Samantha Saunders 0405 287 311


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    1. Sweet you! Shingles are nothing to play around with – yikes! I’m sending you my direct email details. Let’s connect when you are back home. And please, please go easy on yourself you amazing chick. xx


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