second place joy

A gorgeous friend of mine recently shared that ‘a lot of wonderful things have happened in my life as a result of not coming in first’. This got me thinking . . . we’re such a competitive bunch – we humans. And we can be rather unkind to ourselves when we aren’t the first choice or deemed top of the pack.

After resigning my CEO gig, recruiters were quick to put me in front of companies who were looking for a leader. I went along, I did my research, I even had a bit of enthusiasm for a few roles. But, none of them came my way. I wasn’t chosen. And wow – I thank my lucky stars! After I had time to really jus stop and reflect, it became crystal clear that I didn’t want to run another company – at least not now. Instead, I was gentle with myself and focused on healing both body and mind and was clear with my next chapter. And now I’m living the ideal career life I imagined – all without the CEO title.

Not getting what you want, or at least what you think you want in the moment, can be tough. But the real opportunity is to bounce back, flex your resiliency and perhaps trust that there is another even greater path unfolding for you.

Maybe second place should be our new ideal. After all, the Universe is constantly conspiring for our JOY. Sometimes we just need to get our ego out of the way.

Thanks KT . .  . xx

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