joyful nothingness

I love a good list. Particularly a ‘to do’ list. Part of the beauty is being organised, another sliver is about focus and motivation and perhaps the juiciest bit is having a sense of divine accomplishment when you’re able to cross off a recently completed item. Lists are frequent companions to my life. I use them at home and at work and even when I go away on holiday.

Recently, away in Byron Bay, I was contemplating my holiday ‘list’ with none of my usual zest. Instead of feeling luxurious, inspiring and open to possibilities, my list felt dull and contained with walls built too high to allow in chance and pure merriment. It made me reflect about my lists in general. How much do they guide my daily actions? Am I filling my time with tasks that offer me the chance to cross off an item on a piece of paper? What about pure randomness and being open to anything that might be around the corner? What about filling your day with an agenda that doesn’t include a single pre meditated item?

I took the leap. List forgotten I simply tuned into my body and asked what it was that would bring me the most pleasure in that moment – after all, I was on holiday. And it wasn’t yoga, and it wasn’t a run on the beach, and it wasn’t even diving into a great book. Instead, I just wanted to stroll along the never ending beach and listen to waves, birds and rain drops. And that’s how my day unfolded. Nothing was time pressured, nothing had been pre determined as a next move and that nothingness was quickly filled with little chapters of JOY.

I’m back home and still compiling my ‘to do’ lists. But a shift has taken place. I’m also creating more space just to be and let the day unfold.


  1. Timely reminder JOYful friend. Having gotten to the end of the study year, finding it very hard to let go of list and ‘must-do’ stuff. Liberating and a little confusing finding how to move freely in this new space xxx


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