abundant joy

Literally gasping for breath while pushing the pedals at 4,200 meters I was struck with the thought that just maybe there wasn’t enough oxygen in this thin atmosphere to fuel me to the top of the pass. Since breath = life I was beginning to wonder if I had misjudged this challenge. Later, at a lower altitude, as the light headedness and shallow breathing gave way, I remembered the fleeting thought and feeling of not having enough oxygen.

But of course, there was enough. In fact, there’s always enough. We can find ourselves embracing a mindset of scarcity where we’re not sure if we’ll ever breath, eat or perhaps even work again. This scarcity trigger can lead to grasping for more, holding on too tightly, consuming more than we need, and even manifests as blatant greed. The remedy? Perhaps its as simple as trust. Trusting that there is indeed enough – enough of everything we truly need in this little JOYful life of ours.

Now coffee on the other hand . . . there’s no need to EVER risk a caffeine dry spell. Always best to pack a traveller!

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