innate joy

I was browsing through a bookstore recently and stumbled upon a very large section of titles all dedicated to various tips, techniques and tools to help folks find happiness. And it struck me – is happiness something missing that we’re meant to ‘find’? Is it another thing to add to your life goals .. . must achieve happiness? It seems a bit sad that we’ve collectively arrived at a state where we’re lacking a key layer of calm, peace and happiness and that we believe it can be found in a book outlining specific instructions on its aquisition.

I truly feel that happiness, or even JOY, is our natural state. When we experience our purest, most childlike chapters, we can’t help but exude giggles and a bounce in our step. Our smile is automatic not to mention contagious. Its not a manufactured state and its not part of a 10 step process. Instead, its very authentic and it already exists inside all of us.

I think what happens, is that layers of societal convention and habits start to cloud our natural state. Add in a capitalistic society with an edge of competition and we’re soon so far removed from our purest ‘being’ that happiness can indeed feel like a far flung concept.

Perhaps if we find ourselves ‘lacking’ happiness we need only to look at our daily beliefs, habits and mental tapes to see what’s getting in the way. Through simple recognition we can start to notice what to give up . . . making room for more of our natural JOY to flourish.

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