nature wins

I heard a bettle bug clumsily bashing around my tree house today – stuck against a tiny pane of glass near the ceiling. These lime sized bugs fly like druken sailors and the only real danger is that they smack straight into you, leaving you with a bruise from the force of their impact. And yes, I’m speaking from experience.

The odd thing is, the treehouse is nearly entirely open to the out of doors. And yet somehow, this crazy beetle was intent on trying to push through a singular pane of glass versus flying just a little bit lower. Things weren’t going well for the beetle so I was determined to help. I was surveying the height of various chairs on hand and concluded I needed the broom stick as well to coax the determined bug outside to freedom. On my tip toes I was nearly to the point of rescue when the largest lizard I’ve seen in a long time moved with stealth like precision from the ceiling to the window. And in a scene out of a nature show the lizard’s tongue lassoed the tasty beetle and it quickly became a rather crunchy lunch.

Its worth noting that while trying to ‘rescue’ a clumsy beetle I could have been denying a lizard’s joyful lunch.

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