Having received so much kindness from strangers on this journey its been lovely to give a litte in return. Since my suffering has taken the form of various bug bites, NEEM oil has been my saviour. I noticed in yoga class that several yogis were breaking their downward dog for a wayward scratch. So today I brought along the magical oil and offered it to those who were trying desperatly not to scratch away a layer of their own flesh. Itch free happiness ensued!

Later today I had a glorious healing session with an amazing woman, Glenice (meaning Grace). At the end of the session she thanked me – ha! She shared that I was the light and levity she needed today. How wonderful is that?!

And since tonight is my last night at the retreat I had a few unused vouchers for yoga and the steam room. Unexpectedly people approached me with kindness, laughter and warmth during dinner and it felt right to offer each of them one of my vouchers.

I know I’m incredibly fortunate to be living in a place from such abundance . . . but it multiplies exponentially when shared. So go ahead . . . drop a few joy bombs of your own today. You’ll certainly surprise others and you just might surprise yourself along the way too.

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