saturated joy

When traveling overseas its a great opportunity to test your patience and calm. Inevitably, nothing goes to plan or as smoothly as you’ve hoped. Flights are delayed, airplane food isn’t making your body sing, you’re too hot, too tired and let’s not forget all of the insects trying to steal your bliss.

Fortunately, its also an opportunity to stand in wonder and awe. Both nature and people frequently display amazing chapters of unforseen beauty.

After too many hours of travel I recently discovered I had packed the wrong electrical adaptor. Regardless, I fell into a deep sleep. As expected, waking found my devices flat. The gorgeous receptionist quickly came to my rescue. First, with much needed coffee and then with the offer to charge my phone using her plug. And she didn’t stop there. She was determined to find me the ‘best price’ for my own country-appropriate plug. It turns out, 7 11 was answer! She even proudly offered to make the excursion herself.

Perhaps it was all part of ‘her job’ but the kindness extended felt beyond her remit and I was incredibly grateful. We all have the ability to go beyond ‘the expected’ and extend ourselves to benefit others. How lucky is that?! Nature does it all of the time . . .

After checking into my insanely amazing treehouse, overlooking the ocean I was captivated by the incredible view. But soon, instead of focusing on the grandeur, my eye was captivated by a stunning butterfly with a bright spot of yellow. In the end, it all matters, the big the small and of course, the noble deeds done for others. We have soooo many opportunities so sink into JOY. Go ahead . . .


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