giving in

I’ve spent the last two days in a rain soaked paradise. Whenever the deluge lightened or a speck of blue burst through the clouds I would convince myself the wet was over. Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans as my wet socks, shoes, pants and bags can attest to. Ever the optimist, I was living in denial that the rain had truly set in properly and wasn’t in a rush to leave. Surveying the soggy heap of my limited clothing options I final broke today. Yup, I bought an umbrella. I had to give in and admit that the skies still had more rain to release.

And then, a funny thing happened. That speck of blue sky grew and grew. The clouds were still heavy but the rain remaining barely fell – instead it turned to a light mist.

Surrender – such a powerful behavior and yet so hard to embrace! And yet I think giving in and giving up are two different things. Perhaps if we can soften, give in and surrender just a little bit more we can find a few rainbows of JOY.

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