joy TODAY!

When my gorgeous partner, Richard, purchased the JOYSTORM url for me I was over the moon with gratitude for the perfect gift. He also included the url JOYSTORM TODAY which feels like such a relevant and important battle cry for living our lives with true levity and happiness. Too often we humans can dwell in the past, reliving entire conversations and decisions which ultimately tends to lead to a state of regret or even sadness. Or, we jump forward into the mystical future and find ourselves imagining full feature length films of how our romantic lives will unfold, or the complete adult lives of our tiny children. Caught in the cycle of focusing on an imagined future tends to lead to agitation or anxiety. So, where can we find the JOY? Well, it takes place right here, in this exact moment. When we give our attention to today and exactly what is happening now . . . that’s the magic spot where JOY lives.

I think Winnie the Pooh knows this fully:

“What day is it?” “Its today” squeaked Piglet. “My favourite day”, said Pooh

We can’t change the past and we certainly can’t control the future. So go ahead, make this day your favourite one and create some JOY TODAY!

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