shades of light and grey

The recent wild weather in Sydney provided an opportunity to reflect on opposites. For nearly 72 hours the coast was thrashed with gallons of water and wind gusts above the freeway speed limits. This stormageddon turned the harbour bridge into a waterfall, the boardwalks into beaches and the shoreline quickly became a parking lot for boats and yachts. People appeared damaged as well. Bright faces turned dark as people struggled through their impossible commutes with flooded train stations, dangerous roads and no ferry services. Back at home electricity was sporadic and some found massive trees no longer standing, but blocking their path or crushing their possessions. Moods were glum and tempers were running high.

Today, the clouds broke and the sun reappeared. As if by magic, moods lifted with the temperatures and laughter was once again heard in pockets along the streets and throughout the cafes. Road (and ferry) rage diminished as normal commuting routines returned.

Many philosophers suggest that we need to understand the darkness of our own soul before we can revel in the light. And a dear friend recently shared a concept that rang true for her . . . that to experience something we must know it’s opposite fully.

So, did the weather provide the perfect and opposite backdrop to daily JOY? Can we find comfort in exploring the flip side of what we long for? Hopefully we can find balance in both the light and dark – that sounds quite JOYful to me.

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