moonlit joy

I truly adore the various outdoor cinemas on offer in SYD and last week heightened the love affair. It feels so magical to nestle in on the ground in an intimate setting, with preselected picnic bits and flying foxes swooping overhead. On this particular night, as the movie came to a close and we made our way back to the parking area I found a man’s wallet. It was dark, without street lights and the crowd of people was rather constant. I scooped it up for safe keeping and we motored back over the bridge towards home. Since it was well past my bedtime I had a sleepy look at the contents while feeling like I was intruding on some unspoken realm of privacy. Since there was no telephone number nor obvious way of contact I slept with the hope that ‘William’ wouldn’t know his wallet was missing until I could find a clever way of letting him know it was safe in the morning. With fresh eyes I had another, still uncomfortable, look at the contents of William’s wallet. And during this review the American Express card caught my eye. Having suffered a stolen wallet in a foreign country I had first had experience regarding the incredible customer service they offer during times of loss. I rang them with the hope of connection and they were as incredible as I had remembered. Taking my number down, William was soon calling me to coordinate the return of his lost bits. A shared experience of an outdoor theatre grew into a reminder that we are all truly connected and at times we need to take on the role of ‘safe keeping’ for others who at first glimpse, may appear to be a stranger. Expand your JOY and trust that we’re here to look out for one another.

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