lazy joy

Just when I thought I couldn’t love my sister ANY more than I already do . . . she went ahead and agreed to write a blog for me this week. Here we go!

You know how people hire life coaches? I would like to be a lazy coach. Do you know someone who can’t slow down? Can’t under-achieve? Can’t just be in their PJ’s for an entire day? I can help them find peace in just sitting in front of a TV. Because, sometimes, I truly believe it is healthy to binge watch an entire season of House of Cards on Netflix in your robe and slippers, comfortably reclined with the shades drawn. Eating and drinking whatever makes you feel good at the moment with absolutely no more thought put into the decision other than that. What makes you feel good at that exact moment. Dishes in the sink? Laundry? No biggie. R-E-L-A-X. Zone the fuck out and not think of anything but what you are watching and putting into your mouth. Total solitude. Total abandonment of all issues. Just some good old fashioned couch potato entertainment. There is plenty of joy in that.

I reckon she’s really tapped into something here. After all, we already have a robust slow food movement and even slow communities are gaining traction across the globe – why not add a slow coach to the list?! Nicky, you truly fill me with JOY!

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