Ambition Overload

We seem to live during a time where achievement is celebrated above all else. I’m a big fan of being productive and certainly believe that goals play a critical role in our self-growth and happiness. But when ticking off a list of achievements starts to creep into your ‘free time’ it might be time to reassess your well being.

I remember my Dad and I talking about one of his attempts to retire from the teaching career he loved. I asked him what he was struggling with most during his self-imposed retirement. He answered,

“the hardest part is doing enough each day to answer Jan’s question at the end of her working day which is always ‘what did you do today?’”

My Dad didn’t suffer from achievement overload, but he did feel the pressure to meet some unspoken expectation of being productive.

Finding the right balance between accomplishing things and just listening to what your body needs in the moment is a big step forward. Perhaps its time to do less and be more.

What if being productive were more selfish? What if we prioritize our own energy levels and mood? Tune in, listen to what the body and soul need and then deliver. Maybe you need to dance around your living room to your favourite tune, head outside and just take pleasure in watching a bird for a very long time or even give in to that temptation to nap.

Nurture yourself. Sink in and listen. Let your measure of productivity be about producing more JOY. After all, its very contagious.

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