May you be Happy

There is a lovely practice I cultivate most days which quickly diffuses a brewing grey mood. Throughout the day there are both situations and people that can trigger a possible annoyance. These triggers can take many shapes and forms. A barista that muddles your order, someone jumping the cue in a long line, or even overhearing an angry customer giving the staff a serve of negative attitude. When I encounter these chapters its quite natural to get a bit miffed and perhaps even cast some form of quick judgement about their character or rudeness. Instead, I try to interrupt this auto pilot reaction and replace it with a silent wish of happiness pointed their way. I tend to use the phrase ‘May you be Happy’. I’ve made a bit of a game of this practice and frequently find myself seeing how quickly I can shift from a space of judgement into one of happiness.

The results are fantastic! Its a quick mood booster and it shifts any negative bits of energy that could linger around and start turning my own mood a bit sour.

During times of extreme triggers – moments of conflict with a colleague; a motorist cutting you off and causing a near collision; its quite challenging to remember to offer people a blessing of happiness. But these seem to be the times that it has the most calming effect. If we can quickly move through fear or feeling hurt, and offer someone a bit of peace and well being . . . well, it feels like that’s when JOY really starts to multiple and stress melts away.

And why not offer someone a slice of positivity when they are under duress? After all, we’re all striving for the same things I reckon – less stress and more JOY.

Give it a go. How many times can you catch your autopilot reaction and which situations are the easiest or hardest?

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